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 Policies and Procedures


Please find a copy of the band's current constitution here



Camden Community Band Awards 

We conclude each year with a social get together to celebrate the milestones of the year just ended, at this event it has become and accepted practice to make several awards to outstanding members of the band or community, an outline of these are as follows:


Attendance Award: given to the member with the highest percentage of attendances at rehearsals and playouts

Service Awards: 5 years, 10 years etc. in recognition of continuous years of service given to the band
Life Membership: maybe conferred onto a serving band member at the discretion of the band as laid out in its constitution


Committee Awards
The Harold Pollard OAM perpetual Trophy:
this award was instigated in recognition of the many years of outstanding service to the Macarthur region given by Harold. This lasting legacy has provided a framework in which we can further develop music, encourage young players and continue to maintain a high profile within the Camden community; the award is conferred on a single person who displays these attributes each year at the discretion of the band committee
President’s awards: either in conjunction with or in lieu of the Harold Pollard OAM Trophy the band president may elected to recognise an outstanding member of the band in any are the president deems fit.

Musical Directors Awards
Band Culture Award: Given at the discretion of the Musical Director, this award recognises a member’s musical ability, bandsmanship, teamwork and all the attributes that go to being a valuable member of our band throughout the year.
Band Encouragement award: Also offered at the discretion of the Musical Director, this award is generally given to a younger member who has shown commitment and dedication to improving their skills within the band.