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Rehearsal Moved

Posted: 29th November 2018

By: Jarrad

Rehearsal has been moved for the 11th of December, 2018.

Rehearsal for this date will be at Carrington Retirement Village, in the meeting rooms beneath the Rock Salt Cafe (behind the Recreation Centre).

Rehearsal for the following week will be back in our usual venue.


Upcoming Combined Concert

Posted: 11th October 2018

By: Jarrad

On the 18th of November, Camden Community Band will be performing in a combined concert with Cammeraygal Wind Symphony at Chatswood High School.

For more details, see the attached flyer.


Dark Arts Workshop

Posted: 4th October 2018

By: Jarrad

Tuesday 2nd October saw a gathering of interested members to be inducted into the sinister Dark Arts Club!

For two hours, Director of Music Murray Bishop gave a free workshop on score preparation, reading the conductor and playing as an ensemble, followed by an open floor question time. It was a valuable session honing the rehearsal and performance skill of all who attended.

The evening was videoed and should be available for loan by interested band members who were unable to attend.


Committee Members

Posted: 25th September 2018

By: Jarrad

The new Committee members (as of the AGM in August) are as follows:
President: Tony Flatman
Vice President: Geoff Freestone
Secretary: Barbara Reeves
Treasurer: Cheryl Ziemiecki
Web Administrator: Gusztav Belanszky
Ordinary Members: Kerry Fielding, David Pollard, Kris Took, Wendy Triffett and Rebecca Ward

Playout Folder

Posted: 26th July 2018

By: Jarrad


Concert Band Members PLEASE NOTE:

The chart list for the new "Playout Folder" is now available on the playlists page. This folder will be the folder used for most general performances, but will not normally be rehearsed.
Please ensure that this folder is kept ready for performances, and that any necessary parts have been ordered. 

AGM 2018

Posted: 29th June 2018

By: Murray

The committee has called the 2018 Annual General Meeting at Camden Senior Citizens hall on Tues 21st August 2018 at 7:30pm. Rehearsal for Senior Band will resume afterwards. All financial members of the association, where possible, should attend. Please fill out the forms below should you wish to nominate a member or if you are unable to attend and wish to appoint a proxy.  
All nominations for positions on the Committee must be in the hands of a committee member by 9.40pm Tuesday 14th August and must be endorsed by the nominated person and two (2) financial members of the Association. 
Click here for nomination form. 

Click here for proxy form. 

New Venue for 2018

Posted: 21st December 2017

By: Alison

Band resumes rehearsing on Tuesday 23rd January 2018. We will be at our new rehearsal venue - Camden Senior Citizens Centre, 65 John Street Camden.

Please note the conditions for hall hire.


Have a safe and happy Christmas break!



USA Tour Update

Posted: 21st November 2017

By: Murray

The touring ensemble recently held its second last rehearsal before embarking on our trip to California in early January and to say the band sounds great is a big understatement!

This is a milestone in the history of our band I believe as never before have Camden Community Band members been represented on the world stage (main stage at Disneyland) our opening and closing numbers will be conducted by our own Musical Director.

A lot of effort and expense has gone into the preparation of this trip by those attending including many visits to Chatswood for rehearsal, uniforms, all the tour costs and more but the value of working with other musicians, the fellowship and the whole experience so far has been of great value. The tour team has also appreciated the support given by the band with their recent concert attendance, financial assistance and the camaraderie within our ensemble.

January 6th will be our departure date, returning on the 19th in time for Australia Day. For those interested, the complete itinerary is located on our member’s page.


Musically yours, Murray Bishop.



New Secretary and Webmaster
Posted: 4th February 2017
By: Lyndell
After 10 years service it is with regret that I have resigned from the committee. This is due to my personal work commitments and I hope to serve again. Barbara has been appointed as a casual vacancy in the role of secretary and Alison as webmaster. Thanks so much to everyone on the committee and especially Alison and Barbara for filling those roles. 
Reading Day 2017
Posted: 29th November 2016
By: Lyndell
Engadine Music are running their Reading and Resource Expo again this year. If you would like to attend please talk to Murray or see the details here.
AGM 2016 Result
Posted: 4th September 2016
By: Lyndell
The committee elected unopposed this year at the AGM is as follows:
President: Geoff Freestone
Vice President: Tony Flatman
Treasurer: Cheryl Ziemiecki
Secretary: Lyndell Walsh
Ordinary Members: Kerry Fielding, Kris Took and Rebecca Ward. 
Thanks to outgoing president Wendy for her fantastic service. 


AGM 2016

Posted: 25th July 2016

By: Lyndell

The committee has called the 2016 Annual General Meeting at Camden Public School Hall on Tues 30th August at 7:30pm. Rehearsal for Senior Band will resume afterwards. All financial members of the association, where possible, should attend. Please fill out the forms below should you wish to nominate a member or if you are unable to attend and wish to appoint a proxy. Nomination forms must be handed to a committee member no later than 1 week before the AGM.
Click here for nomination form. 
Click here for proxy form. 


Reading Day

Posted: 21st January 2016

By: Lyndell

Engadine Music are running their annual reading day again this year. Please click here to view the flyer with details. 



Christmas News

Posted: 11th Decebmber 2015

By: Wendy

The end of the year is always a very busy time for the band. May I take this opportunity to thank all band members, their families and all our loyal followers for a terrific year and a wish you a very merry christmas from the band.

We have 2 performances left: Carols on the Hill at Menangle Sunday 13th Dec.,  and carols at Camden Valley Inn on Thursday 17th Dec. 2015.  Times are listed on our gig guide if you want to join us.

We also have our annual christmas party and presentation night on Tuesday 15th Dec., 7.30pm in the St Andrews Presbyterian Church Hall. If there are any wanna be band members or other interested parties out there who would like to come down - you will be most welcome!!



Cancer Fundraising 

Posted: 8th September 2015

By: Lyndell

Two band members are raising money for cancer research and treatment (Chris O'Brien Lifehouse). They do fantastic work and these members really need your support. If you could make a contribution, no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Click here to donate to Geoff's 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer (he's riding 200km!). 

Click here to donate to Lyndell's 2015 The Weekend to End Womens' Cancer (she's walking 60km!). 




AGM 2015 Result

Posted: 18th August 2015

By: Lyndell

The committee elected this year at the AGM is as follows:

President: Wendy Triffett

Vice President: Geoff Freestone

Treasurer: Cheryl Ziemiecki

Secretary: Lyndell Walsh

Ordinary Members: Kerry Fielding, Tony Flatman and Rebecca Ward. 

Thanks to outgoing committee members Barbara and Lauren for their fantastic service. 



AGM 2015

Posted: 18th July 2015

By: Lyndell

The committee has called the 2015 Annual General Meeting at Camden Public School Hall on Tues 18th August at 7:30pm. Rehearsal for Senior Band will resume afterwards. All financial members of the association, where possible, should attend. Please fill out the forms below should you wish to nominate a member or if you are unable to attend and wish to appoint a proxy. Nomination forms must be handed to a committee member no later than 1 week before the AGM. There is also a proposal put forward by Murray to change our constitution that will be voted on at the AGM. 
Click here for Proxy Form.
Click here for Nomination Form. 

Click here for associate membership proposal. 


Pocket Trumpet Prize Awarded

Posted: 3rd May 2015

By: Lyndell

Over March we ran a draw to win a Pocket Trumpet kindly donated to the band by Murray Bishop. It was won by Spud from Crookwell and our President personally delivered it. 



Crepe Night 2015: Tues 5th May 7:15pm

Posted: 10th April 2015

By: Jenny

On Tuesday 5th May the clarinet section will be holding a Crepe Night for band members to help fundraise for the band and enjoy a nice social evening.

Intermediate band members are invited to stay after practice and Senior band members come a bit early so we can have dessert together from 7:15pm. We will serve two freshly cooked crepes with either caramel or berry sauce and a scoop of ice cream for a cost of $5.

All band members, family and friends are welcome, so come and have some fun and support the band at the same time. Senior Band practice will commence following dessert. 


Crookwell 2015

Posted: 10th March 2015

By: Murray

The Last Night of the Proms held each year at the start of the annual Potato Festival has proved a great opportunity for the Camden Community Band to perform in a warm yet more formal environment and again this year,  perform we did!
A broad program of Australian composers, cartoon madness and smooth jazz played to a high standard was well received by all whom attended and then backed up the following day with two appearances at different locations by the band to perform a lighter repertoire of music for those passing by.
What is so special about Crookwell? Well, it’s not only the great music, but we are always met with warmth and genuine country hospitality whenever and wherever we go in Crookwell but the band members themselves enjoy a social time together and with other bands over the weekend. During these times, many plans are hatched and topics discussed that can benefit the band and its members, please don’t let these embers die out but keep the ideas and willingness to participate happening as everyone has an equal hearing in our band.
Other parts of the weekend included a fun trivia night put together by members of the Liverpool Brass Band, poetry reading on Sunday morning with “Spud” Murphy and a load of laughs along the way


Thank you to all who attended, together we make an awesome team that I am proud to be a part of, in particular, thanks to Lyndell, Wendy, Daniel, Jonathan and Jarrad who went the extra mile to make this weekend another to remember


Australia Day Marching Band

Posted: 26th January 2015

By: Murray

History takes another step. This time with the first full street parade of the new marching band! And what a spectacular turn out it was. 

The day was perfect for our first street march: not too windy, not too hot and with a crowd of thousands to watch us go, the marching ensemble (ably supported by IMMS truck and non marching team) paraded through the streets of Camden as part of the annual Australia Day celebrations. 

Drum Major Leemen picked the perfect speed and control to make it a relatively easy task and with not one but two sousaphones bringing up the rear it was a sight to behold. 

Congratulations to all who took part for making such a positive start to the new year, I can't wait to see what is next!!


Narellan Rhythms Festival Thankyou

Posted: 27th October 2014

By: Lyndell

Dear Murray
Thank you to you and to the Camden Community Band  for their performance and  participation at  Camden Council’s 2014 Narellan Rhythms Festival. We appreciate your support to  the event to make it such a success and a fun day for the community. Your time in pre-planning meetings  and support was invaluable and  very much appreciated. We look forward to your involvement in future Camden Council’s community and cultural events.
Warm regards and thanks
Cheryle Yin-Lo
Community Project Officer, Cultural Development
Camden Council   I    PO Box 183, Camden NSW 2570


CCB AGM 2014

Posted: 3rd July 2014

By: Lyndell

The committee has called the 2014 Annual General Meeting at Camden Public School Hall on Tues 29th July at 7:30pm. Rehearsal for Senior Band will resume afterwards. All financial members of the association, where possible, should attend. Please fill out the forms below should you wish to nominate a member or if you are unable to attend and wish to appoint a proxy. Nomination forms must be handed to the secretary no later than 1 week before the AGM.

2014 Nomination Form

Proxy Form 


Marching Band Takes its First Steps

Posted: 13th May 2014
By: Murray
Saturday morning saw another chapter of history dawn for our band, with the first gathering and rehearsal of our Marching Ensemble. 20 plus eager players and supporters rallied to step into the limelight with grace and style!
Full marks must go to the many first timers who gave it a great shot as well as the experienced members who actively encouraged and helped out.
Drum Major, Dick Leeman gave superb instruction to all and made the day thoroughly enjoyable for all. With another run through we will be ready to face the road in grand style!
The marching band is open to ALL members of Camden Community Band Inc who wish to participate.

Bunnings Boosts Band

Posted: 21st December 2013
By: Murray
Neither the soaring heat nor the onslaught of the last Saturday before Christmas could abate the enthusiastic response of our band members as we cooked and carolled at Narellan Bunnings on Saturday 21st December. Over 20 band members worked in shifts to cook over 500 sausages whilst the others performed carols for the passing customers!
So positive was the response that Bunnings have booked us one year in advance for the same time slot next year! Thanks must go to our committee who gave up nearly all day to be there and support this event and to Aaron Wotton and Jarrad Bishop who were also there all day. The net profit for the BBQ was in excess of $800.00 all of which goes to swell the band coffers!
BAND PERFORMANCES - 14th September
Posted: 10th September 2013
By: Lyn
*Leppington Public School Fete
The Senior Band will be performing from 11am at the Leppington School Fete, Rickard Rd, Leppington.
*Gift of Music.
This is a concert at the Camden Uniting Church (John Street) at 2pm. The proceeds from the concert go to the Dr Marilyn Meier Encouragement Award which is used to encourage young musicians in the Camden area. The cost of the concert is $20 adult and $10 concession.



Posted: 10th Sept 2013
By: Lyn
The Camden Community Band held their AGM on Tuesday, 23rd July 2013 at Camden Public School prior to band rehearsals. The meeting had a large member attendance.
A Committee was elected as follows;
                                                                President.........................Geoff Freestone
                                                                Vice President.................Wendy Triffett
                                                                Secretary.........................Lauren Kramer
                                                                Treasurer.........................Cheryl Ziemiecki
                                                                Ordinary Members...........Kerry Fielding, Mayumi Kelly and
                                                                                                      Lyndell Walsh
The Camden Community Band Committee is supported by The Webmaster, Lyndell Walsh and Lyn Forbes, Publicity Officer.
Congratulations to those elected on The Committee.





CD Release: Hits and Bits of Stage and Screen

Posted: 27th July 2013
By: Lyn 
Congratulations to the Camden Community Band for the release of their first CD, Hits and Bits of Stage and Screen. What a great recording! It covers well-known music from cartoons, to musical hits from the 60's, to well-known theatre productions such Les Miserable and Chess, to music from Pixar movies. My favourite is the selection from Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Many people need to be thanked in the production of this CD. Firstly, Murray Bishop needs to be applauded for his musical direction and guidance of The Band. He was convinced that the band was ready to produce a CD. He was also largely responsible for the organisation of the equipment and the production of the CD. Jarrad Bishop, as the recording engineer was responsible for the recording and the post production, a huge task for which The Band is so grateful. Also, thanks to Lyndell Walsh for all her organisation in the production of the CD. Recognition must also go to Gabriella Ball for the CD cover concept and to Ebony Bishop for the title. Finally, the members of The Camden Community Band must be applauded for their hard work and dedication to the concept. A great first CD!
The Band's next performance is at the Carrington Nursing Home Fete, Saturday, 10th August 2013.

Recording Update

Posted: Mon 20th May 2013

By: Murray 

Due to the time constraints (heavy weekend schedules etc.) we have decided to record the band during rehearsals on the First 2 weeks of June. To facilitate this I have asked that rehearsals start promptly at 7.30 and we rehearse until 9.30 without a break, then we can stop for a cuppa and a chat. I also will work with Cheryl to allow us to set up recording equipment with a minimum of fuss and request that members arriving or in the intermediate band assist the recording by vacating the band practice space as quickly as possible.

If at all possible, I would like senior band members to make attendance to these rehearsals a priority and make every effort to be there on time!


The Jackets Have Landed!

Posted: Mon 22nd April 2013

By: Lyndell

I'm very pleased to announce that the new jackets the band has adopted as uniform have arrived so the band will look very trendy this Wednesday and Thursday for our Anzac Services. If you have ordered a jacket and you haven't already paid, please pay $60 to Cheryl asap.

Looking forward to seeing our new look!















Conductors Crotchets 2012

Posted: Tues 27th November 2012
By: Murray
Well another year has come and gone and still we enjoy making music together! It’s been great to see some new faces appearing in our ranks and to see other members return as their commitments allow them to! (That’s not to mention the pleasure of seeing the regulars as well)
Musically, it’s been a year of growth as we have taken on the challenges of some difficult works and put a lot of effort into developing the skills needed to play them. One of the great joys has been the size of the band that remains after the break on rehearsal nights, only a few short years ago, we could not use that time to effectively rehearse pieces due to the low number, but now, we can run full rehearsals right through!
I am excited about what 2013 will bring for our motley crew! The recording session in the middle of the year will be an interesting challenge for us as we can use this to again improve our skills but also as a way of providing a quality recording as a memento to each of our valued members.
Have you ever wondered why you belong to a band? I was asked recently about what a member can get out of their time with a community band and the answer is a lot more than music! Sure, there is the musical aspect and the desire to play together and perhaps learn together in a particular field, there is also the sense of belonging and the opportunity to put something into a group. But when you consider the support we offer to so many other community functions and charities, you as a member give an awful lot back to the wider community! If you do the maths (hypothetically of course) for the value we provide, it’s pretty staggering! Just think if we charged $50 per player per hour to attend a function (which in this day and age is very cheap) and played for an hour plus set up and waiting time (1 hour set up, wait and pack up) you get $100 per person per job. Now multiply that by 25 players and you get $2500 per job. We do about 10 per year that are fund raising or charitable so now multiply by that and you get $25000.00. That is what you donate back to your community (conservatively) every year and often for no other return than personal satisfaction. That is something to be very proud of indeed and as a community organisation, we can hold our heads high as we are part of a group that not only enjoys performing but by doing so, we can help our local charities as well!
No comment, wrap or editorial would be complete without thanking our committee for their tireless efforts; so much work goes on behind the scenes to keep our band afloat and developing at a constant pace. Their often un-noticed efforts are gratefully acknowledged and accepted as is the support of the non-playing partners and families of all our members, but of course, my thanks must go to each and every member of our team for again choosing to be a member of the Camden Community Band this year, it’s always a pleasure and privilege to work with you and to enjoy your company and I look forward to more of it next year!
Murray Bishop

Musical Director

Combined Concert

Posted: Mon 5th Nov 2012

By: Lyndell

Click here to see the flyer promoting our upcoming performance. 


South Pacific Rehearsal

Posted: Sat 3rd Nov 2012

By: Lyndell

Anyone from Senior Band who can attend is invited to the South Pacific Band Rehearsal on Wednesday 21st November at Picnic Point Public School commencing at 7:30pm. This will be the last rehearsal before the combined concert on the 25th. Hope to see as many as possible there.

Bushdance Postponed

Posted: Tues 30th Oct 2012

By: Lyndell

Due to a lack of numbers we have decided to postpone the Bushdance to early next year. Thank you to those who supported it and we look forward to organising an awesome event for next year. Watch this space!

Bushdance 2012

Posted: Thurs 11th Oct 2012

By: Lyndell

Camden Community Band has organised a bush dance as fun night out and fundraiser for the band. The event is open to the public. Use the contact us section of the website if you wish to book tickets. See the flyer below for details. 

CCB Committee Meeting

Posted: Tues 4th Sept 2012

By: Lyndell

Just a reminder that there will be a committee meeting on Wednesday 12th Sept, 7pm at Murray and Lyndell's. Email me if you need the address. Most of the discussion will be around the Bush Dance and uniforms. 

CCB AGM 2012 Result

Posted: Tues 31st July 2012

By: Lyndell

The AGM was held as advised last Tuesday 24th July and we had a great turn out with over 30 band members present.

A special mention must be made to Cheryl Ziemiecki who was awarded Life Membership of the Camden Community Band by unanimous vote. She is our first ever life member and it is an honour she thoroughly deserves. 

The committee elected for 2012 is as follows:


President - Geoff Freestone       
Vice President - Wendy Triffett 
Secretary - Lyndell Walsh 
Treasurer - Cheryl Ziemiecki 
Ordinary Members - Kris Took, Kerry Fielding and Mayumi Kelly. 


CCB: AGM 2012

Posted: Mon 25th June 2012

By: Lyndell

The committee has called the 2012 Annual General Meeting at Camden Public School Hall on Tues 24th July at 7:30pm. Rehearsal for Senior Band will resume afterwards. All financial members of the Camden Community Band, where possible, should attend. The main business of this meeting will be the electing of the committee. Please fill out the forms below should you wish to nominate a member or if you are unable to attend and wish to appoint a proxy. 

Nomination Form 2012

Proxy Form


Crookwell 2012

Posted: Sun 4th March 2012

By: Murray

Neither Rain nor icy conditions deterred the senior band from venturing forth on a weekend trip to the Potato Festival of Crookwell this weekend. A contingent of around 25 musicians and quite a few partners departed a wet Camden on Friday afternoon and descended upon a very wet Crookwell to play the last night of the Proms concert in St Bartholomew’s Anglican church, an appreciative audience clapped and cheered enthusiastically through great performances by the band, the Wagga men’s Rugby \choir, David Johnson’s organ recital and the wonderful voice of Sarah Campbell as she sang beautifully accompanied by her Nan! Saturday gave way to a relaxing walk around town and then the combination of forces between our band and Liverpool Brass Band drew an audience to a free lunchtime concert for 2 1/2 hours in the church hall. Saturday night was party night as we enjoyed the gastronomic hospitality of Spud Murphy and friends and then the big inter band trivia challenge!

            Despite the weather, I am sure the band enjoyed themselves greatly as much as they were appreciated by the locals and visitors alike, many thanks to all who made the trip and those who worked tirelessly to organise, bus drive and coordinate the weekend and we cannot forget the wonderful warmth and friendship of our hosts, David Johnson, Barry “Spud” Murphy and the potato festival team, let’s hope next year the weather is kinder to all!

  P.S. any photos of the weekend would be appreciated..send them to Lyndell


Bunnings BBQ a great success!

Posted: Sat 3rd Dec 2011 9:27pm

By: Murray

Fantastic weather, pre Christmas crowds and enthusiastic band members all combined on Saturday Dec 3 to BBQ the way through 700 plus sausages at Narellan Bunnings! Our culinary skills were well received as we worked steadily through a huge pile of food to create over $1000 profit towards the Crookwell trip away. In addition, Wendy held a craft stall and Jill led a small ensemble through their Christmas carol paces.

Not only was it a financial success, but the community spirit of our band certainly shone through as the camaraderie and team work came to the fore... well done all!



Training Band reaches for the stars!

Posted: Wed 26th Oct 2011 4:50pm

By: Murray 

On Tuesday last, I walked into a storm as I arrived for our weekly rehearsal! A storm of euphoria and pride, our training band played together as an ensemble for the very first time after only a few weeks of sectional tuition. I was repeatedly told of the pride and excitement that the members showed and it was highly evident that our tutors felt the same way!

Congratulations to ALL the participants of the training section who have not only put a wonderful effort but have again clearly demonstrated the aims and goals of our band group, I look forward to hearing the ensemble perform later in the year and to more good news as it happens. 

Well Done!


Opera House Screening

Posted: Sun 18th September 4:45pm

By: Lyndell

We have received and will be showing the DVD of our Opera House performance at break time this coming Tuesday starting from approx. 8:30pm. 


Committee Meeting

Posted: Sun 18th September 4pm

By: Lyndell

Just a reminder that the committee will be meeting this coming Wed night at Cheryl's place from 7pm. Please talk to a committee member regarding anything you would like discussed. 


New 'Band in Action' Page

Posted: Sun 14th August 11:00am

By: Lyndell

I have added a new page to the website called Band in Action which features a YouTube video of the band playing at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan on Mothers Day 2011. Hopefully this is the first of many. 


New Training Band

Posted: Tues 2nd August 4:31pm
By: Lyndell
From tonight, we are starting a new training band for people who have never played an instrument before. If you would like to join the band people use the Contact Us section of the website to get in touch with us. Instruments, music and tuition are all provided for a lot less than you think!



Lucky Member Draw Winner

Posted: Tues 2nd August 2011 4:30pm
By: Lyndell
Robert from Intermediate Band won the lucky member draw that was held last Tuesday night at band. Thanks to all those that contributed.

Committee Meeting 

Posted: Wed 15th June 8:36pm
By: Lyndell
There will be a committee meeting on Wednesday 29th June at 7pm. Location TBA. 

Final Rehearsal for the Opera House

Posted: Wed 15th June 8:26pm

By: Lyndell


The Mount Annan performance on Sunday 26th June has been cancelled. As a result the Senior Band will be doing a final rehearsal at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School on Sun 26th June before our Opera House performance on Mon 27th June. The time will be 12-2pm in the Performance Space (off Beverly Rd, Campbelltown). 
Please make it a priority to attend this rehearsal.


Band AGM 

Posted: Tues 7th June 10:46pm

By: Lyndell

All committee members were re-elected unopposed to their positions in record time. 


Committee Meeting and Band AGM

Posted: Tues 17th May 10:39pm 

By: Lyndell

The committee will be having a meeting at 7pm on Wed 25th May at Cheryl's place. All welcome. Contact me if you need address details. The Band AGM will be on Tues June 8th at 7:30pm before normal rehearsal. 


Performing at the Opera House

Posted: Sun 15th May 11:10am

By: Lyndell

The band is excited to annouce that we will be performing at the Sydney Opera House in the Concert Hall on Monday 27th June 2011 along with a few other bands from Australia and New Zealand. The concert commences at 8pm. 


Donation to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Posted: Wed 23rd March 6:19pm 

By: Murray

Following a request from a band member we voted last night to donate money from band funds to the Japanese relief fund via the Japanese consulate. Any further personal donations would be welcomed. 


Lucky Member Draw Winner

Posted: Mon 14th Mar 2011

By: Lyndell

Lyn from Senior Band won the lucky member draw that was held last Tuesday night at band. Thanks to all those that contributed, the band raised $34.


Lucky Member Draw Winner

Posted: Tues 8th Feb 2011

By: Lyndell

Jill from Senior Band won the lucky member draw that was held tonight at band. Thanks to all those that contributed, the band raised $31.


Come to a Tupperware Party!

Posted: Tues 8th Feb 2011

By: Lyndell

We are having a tupperware party to raise money for the band on the afternoon of Feb 19th. Please email for more details or to let Wendy know you\'re coming. Free afternoon tea provided.


Carols in Camden

Posted: Thurs 13th Jan 2011
By: Ian
Playing carols has been part of the band’s December playlist for many years, and is part of an Australian tradition that has been going for over 70 years. In 2010 the Intermediate started things off by playing carols to an enthusiastic gathering on November 26 at Aveo Camden Downs Retirement Village in Camden South. The senior band played at Carols on the Hill at St James Church Menangle on 12 December with a strong spiritual theme and a story telling the religious history of Christmas. This was followed up with carols and Christmas songs at the Camden Valley Inn with both the Intermediate and Senior bands. The gathered assembly enjoyed a visit by Santa who arrived courtesy of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade. On 18 December the senior band played carols outside the garden’s restaurant in the afternoon and narrowly missed being washed away by a large thunderstorm. In the evening the band combined with the Macarthur Symphonic Wind Concert Band and played carols at the Mt Annan Carols in the Garden hosted by Monica Trapaga.
For those who are not aware Carols by Candlelight is an Australian tradition that started in Melbourne in 1937 by 3KZ’s announcer Norman Banks. The Melbourne Argus reported in 1949 that Banks saw a woman listening to carols alone by candlelight in her flat. He organised the first gathering to a small crowd, which has grown all over Australian and the rest of the world. In 1938  Banks organised an event that attracted 10,000 people gathered at midnight in the Alexandra Gardens to sing carols with a 30 strong choir, two soloists and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Band with proceeds going to the AustinHospital. During the Second World War, 60,000 people turned up in 1940 to sing carols with funds being divided between the Red Cross, the Australian Comforts Fund and the Austin Hospital.


Players Wanted

Posted: Wed 5th January 2011

By: Lyndell

For those of you who are missing playing in band and would like to have some fun sight reading the Jerry Nowak Summer Conducting School is looking for players for a week during the school holidays. Quite a few of us are attending including both Murray and myself so feel free to have a look at the details below and register your interest.

The ABODA Conducting Summer School is an annual event where conductors come to study with Prof Jerry Nowak. During the second week of the course (17 – 21 January 2011) we form a Concert Band with extra players for the students to conduct.
You will get the opportunity to sight read many new and old charts for band as each conductor works on several different pieces throughout the week, and also learn from Maestro Jerry Nowak.
We will provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well as good fun and music.
When: Monday 17 Jan – Friday 21 Jan 2011
Where: Army Band Sydney,
Moore Park Road (opposite Sydney Football Stadium)
Times: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Please RSVP to Course Manager Garry Clark with your name, instrument(s),
available days and a contact number.
Ph: 9620 7903


Intermediate Band "Sees the Light"

Posted: Mon 29th November 2010
By: Cheryl
On Friday 26th November twenty members of the Intermediate Band entertained residents and guests at the Aveo Camden Downs Retirement Village Christmas Light Up. For two hours the Band played their whole repertoire of Christmas carols and songs to an appreciative audience.
Trish did a great job on vocals ably assisted by Tasman, Dave W. and the Aveo sing along group. The night culminated in the turning on of the award winning Christmas Lights Display.
The manager of the village, the residents and their guests were delighted with the Intermediate Band’s performance.